Monday, September 24, 2012

4 Thoughts on the Emmy Awards

1. The Host - Jimmy Kimmel wasn't a bad choice for hosting the Emmys, but I don't think he was the best choice, either.  I don't watch his talk show, but I've seen plenty of clips and yes, I usually laugh.  He's never really wowed me though.  I was worried with the opening sketch that consisted of Botox humor, fake punches and a naked Lena Dunham; especially if you compare that opening sketch with my favorite opening sketch from a few years ago with host Jimmy Fallon recruiting Jon Hamm, Cory Monteith, Tina Fey, Joel McHale and others to bust out on stage with Bruce Springsteen's Born to Run (if you don't know what I'm talking about, watch it: ).  I smiled for days after watching that.  This years opening fell flat and it set the tone for the rest of the show.  I didn't laugh out loud at any of Kimmel's jokes.  He didn't seem to be having any fun up there, but in his defense, he did keep the show moving smoothly. 

2. The Winners - AARON PAUL!!  I was actually rooting for Giancarlo Esposito but Aaron is still a win for Breaking Bad and he is just as deserving.  I think Aaron was as surprised as everyone else that he beat out Gus Fring and I loved their little exchange of hugs and kisses (Also, HOLY FUCK, Aaron Paul's fiance is gorgeous.).  I was hoping that his win was just the beginning of the Breaking Bad sweep, but unfortunately it all went to shit after that.  I haven't seen Homeland yet. I have read a ton of great things about the series and about Claire Danes, but I've never read or heard anyone claim that it is the *best* drama on television.  I have heard best *new* drama.  Breaking Bad season 4 and Mad Men season 5 consisted of some of the most brilliant drama I've ever witnessed on television. Mad Men has been on an Emmy winning streak, so I understand the need to move on.  It's just ironic that the past season was its best (plus if The Daily Show can win 10 times, then so can Mad Men).  It should have, at least, won the writing category, while Breaking Bad should have swept the directing and acting categories.  Although, I always go back and forth between Bryan Cranston and Michael C. Hall, I would have been happy with Jon Hamm winning (he still hasn't won an Emmy).  On the comedy side of things, I've read a lot of people upset over Modern Family winning, which I think is odd.  It's a consistently funny show, with a great cast.  Out of the nominated shows, it is the best.  Louis C.K. won for writing Louie, which I think is enough (he doesn't deserve the acting nod since he PLAYS HIMSELF and the show, while brilliantly written, is not better than Modern Family).  I did not realize that Pamela Adlon helped write some Louie episodes.  I adore her. Also surprising, the winning writer for Game Change was the kid that played Jonathon on Buffy the Vampire Slayer!!  That blew my mind.  I would have loved to see Merritt Wever win for Nurse Jackie, but I knew that was a long shot and I would have preferred ANYONE else over Jon Cryer. 

3. The Show - It wasn't just the host that was flat; the skits, the presenters, the winners speeches, everything about it was just plain blah.  I won't remember a single thing from the show a week from now.  There was a cute Modern Family sketch and a really funny Breaking Bad sketch (that seemed like it was cut short) but they were followed by a really awful Big Bang Theory sketch (it baffles me that people actually find that show amusing).  There were some funny presenters; Seth Macfarlane not knowing where the microphone was; Stephen Colbert joking about the "war on women" noting that out of the 7 women up for Lead Actress in a Comedy, 5 of them are great (side note: there were 7 nominees for this category!!); Aziz Ansari doing a British accent so people think he is a better actor (I don't know why but when he said "fish and chips", I giggled); Ricky Gervais proving that he only needs a few minutes to prove that he is the best comedian in the room, while also acknowledging that Louis C.K. is the "second best".   There were some really awkward presenters as well - the worst being Hayden Panettiere and Connie Britton, both seemed aggravated and gave off a weird vibe (doesn't bode well for their new show).  All of the speeches were dull, but leave it to Amy Poehler to liven things up by switching speeches with the winner Julia Louis-Dreyfus (we all know that was Amy's idea).  I can't believe that they cut off the acceptance speech for Modern Family (and to think, the guy who directed the show won a freakin' Emmy!!).  That was really tasteless. 

4. The Fashion - Most of the fashion was boring this year.  Apparently, the banana look is the big trend this year.  While, Julianne Moore and Claire Danes made this trend a disaster, Leslie Mann was absolutely stunning.  She looked comfortable, effortless, fun and still sexy (and not in the cleavage-baring kind of way).  Perfection.

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