Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fall Movie Preview: 14 Films That I Am Excited About

1. The Words 9/7 - So, it may not seem like the most original idea- the plot revolves around a writer taking credit for someone else's work. It's a tired plot that has been used most recently in Woody Allen's You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger and an episode of 90210 (Yes, I totally watch that show).   However, the trailer makes the movie look a lot more interesting than the plot summary.  I love the exploration of human desperation and the lengths that someone would go to for "success".  Also, Bradley Cooper.  I'm not just jumping on the bandwagon; I've been a fan of his since his Will Tippin days. 

2. Bachelorette 9/7 - 3 reasons I am excited: 1. Lizzy Caplan and Adam Scott in the same movie!!!  Party Down, you guys!!  2. I have a mini-crush on Isla Fisher.  She makes me smile.  3. Entertainment Weekly described it as "The Hangover by way of Heathers".  There are also plenty of reasons that I am not excited as well, like that God-awful trailer.  It is horrendous - I seriously didn't laugh at all.  The cliche that female friends are catty and jealous of each other seems to be the dominant joke. That makes me a little nervous.  I'm also not a big fan of Kirsten Dunst.  But, but....it's Party Down, you guys!! 

3. The Master 9/14 - I haven't watched the trailer and skipped over the Entertainment Weekly article, so I can't really say much.  I want to watch it with a blank slate. I was never really a Paul Thomas Anderson fan until his masterpiece, There Will Be Blood.  I realize now that his other lauded films, Magnolia and Boogie Nights, came out when I was in high school and I have a strong feeling that I failed to grasp the genius behind them.  I will plan a re-watch soon.  Anyway, if The Master is even close to the brilliance of There Will Be Blood, then it will probably be the best film of the year. 

4. Trouble with the Curve 9/21 - I have a soft spot for Baseball drama's ever since I was forced to watch Field of Dreams over and over and over again.  Although I am still not convinced of its greatness,  I do love Moneyball, A League of their Own, Angels in the Outfield....the list goes on.  So, I will give this film a shot. 

5. Looper 9/28 - Speaking of Angels in the Outfield, everyone remembers how freakin' adorable Joseph Gordon-Levitt was in that movie...right?  He was definitely one of my first "crushes", I always knew he was going to be a success (although, I also thought my other "crush" Jonathan Taylor Thomas would be as well.  See, I'm not always right).  I've seen every project he's ever done and he's only disappointed me once (Killshot - absolutely terrible performance).  Now that we are adults, I no longer have a "crush" (he's way too hipster for my taste, but still adorable), but as an actor, I think he's the best of my generation.  One of the films that convinced me of this was Brick, which is a bizarre film to say the least, but also insanely original.  I'm glad that JGL and Rian Johnson are teaming up again for this film, which from the trailer looks fucking mental.  I have a feeling that I am going to love it.  If you are a fan of Brick, I suggest you also watch The Brothers Bloom, which was also written and directed by Johnson. 

6. Argo 10/12 - Huge fan of Ben Affleck in a director role.  Both Gone Baby Gone and The Town were on my list of best films during their release year. He also gave a fine performance in The Town and The Company Men.   I can forgive his mistakes (pretty much everything after Good Will Hunting, which remains one of my favorite movies to date).  Those rumors that he will be directing a Justice League movie? I am in.  Screw the haters.  I am glad that he is making a conscious effort to step away from his comfort zone (i.e Boston) and I really think he is going to surprise everyone.  I was trying to avoid the trailer for Argo, but it played before Total Recall and I couldn't look away.  The story is fascinating (how has this not been made already??) and the film looks incredible.

7. Seven Psychopaths 10/12 - Colin Farrell, Woody Harrelson, Chrisopher Walken and Sam Rockwell.  That is a cast!!  Plus, writer/director Martin McDonagh!!  I loved his first feature, In Bruges; it was dark and clever and definitely featured one of Farrell's best acting performances.  It was an odd coincidence that I searched for the Seven Psychopaths trailer a mere 5 minutes after it was released.  My twitter timeline was all a buzz!! The trailer is hilarious (I laughed much more than during the Bachelorette trailer) and how cute is the little shih tzu?? 

8. Smashed 10/12 - Aaron Paul!!  It's about alcoholics in love, word of mouth was good from Sundance and it is supposed to be "real".  It also promises a bit of humor (Nick Offerman is also in it).  Blah Blah Blah......Aaron Paul!!! 

9. Killing Them Softly 10/19 - So far the marketing for this movie is spot on.  I was interested from the poster image alone, then the trailer was released complete with a Johnny Cash song and I was sold. I really enjoyed The Assassination of Jesse James, so I am interested to see more of Andrew Dominik's work. 

10. Wreck-It Ralph 11/2 - I had absolutely no interest in this movie, until I inadvertently saw the trailer.  Soooo cute!!  I love the sound of John C. Reilly's voice (although I automatically think of him singing "Mr. Cellophane" - breaks my heart, every time).  I laughed so hard at the video game "bad guy" support group scene.  It made me miss the days of going to arcades!!  Do those still exist?  Aside from Dave & Busters (which is always too crowded with drunk teenagers)?  Anyway, it's been a long time since I've been this excited for an animated film.

11. Vamps 11/2 - It is really hard to find any information on this project except that it is from writer/director Amy Heckerling and it stars Alicia Silverstone which translates to: Clueless reunion!!!!  Fuck Yeah!!  17 years later and I still quote Clueless more than any other movie, even if it is just the little quotes like "oops, my bad", every time I cut off another car while driving.  I find it is the best way to combat road rage from other drivers - just smile, wave and yell out "oops, my bad!".  Clueless captured a generation, I doubt Vamps will make such an impact (or if it even attempts to).  I'm just hoping for some clever vampire dialogue. 

12. Lincoln 11/9 - There are so many reasons to be excited for this film - the main reason being Daniel Day-Lewis as Lincoln.  I don't think anyone doubts that his performance will be anything less than stunning.  I'm not a big history buff, but Steven Spielberg tends to make things interesting (that's quite an understatement...).  However, I am most excited for Tony Kushner adapting the screenplay (he is, quite possibly, my favorite modern playwright).  Also, I know everyone is enamored by DDL, but let us not forget that JGL is in the film as well!! 

13. Skyfall 11/9 -
I enjoy the Bond films, but I have to admit that they all sort of blend together.  I've seen every single one but if you asked me about a specific scene, I would have trouble remembering which film it came from.  Casino Royale is probably my favorite, which I think would give most Bond fans a heart attack.  I really like Daniel Craig as Bond, so I will keep watching them (although I would probably watch them anyway).  The trailer was sort of boring (kind of "been there, done that" feeling), but I find it interesting that Sam Mendes directed it.  That's just baffling - he makes beautiful films but they are always complicated, human tales.  Bond just isn't that complicated.  It makes me sad to think that he was working on this, instead of something more interesting. 

14. Anna Karenina 11/16 - I have mixed feelings about Joe Wright.  The first half of Atonement is stunning, the second half makes me want to scream.  I've never loved & hated a movie at the same time before, like I do with that film.  His other films (The Soloist, Pride & Prejudice and Hanna) are all decent enough but left me feeling indifferent.  I still just can't get over the first half of Atonement, though.  It's the reason I will always watch his films with a bit of excitement, hoping for some of that brilliance to shine through.  Anna Karenina looks like a beautiful film and reunites him once again with Keira Knightley (who is also someone I have mixed feelings about).  I've never read the book, nor do I have any interest in reading it, but maybe the movie will change my mind? 

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