Sunday, May 16, 2010

4 Thoughts on "Clash of the Titans"

This film was such a disappointment. It will likely make it to my worst films of the year list. I was really excited to see this film - and yes I avoided seeing it in 3-D since pretty much every review I read stated that the 3-D effects were lame and distracting. Unfortunately the 2-D effects were just as lame and distracting. Here are my thoughts:

1. For some reason it reminded me of "Lost" - I guess it has similar themes of good vs evil, destiny vs faith, gods vs humans etc. Plus it takes place on the "island" of Argos - a place that the humans will do anything to protect (even sacrifice a virgin queen) and has several "mystical" creatures. So I found myself analyzing Lost and comparing it to Greek and Roman Mythology. I know that most Lost enthusiasts have agreed that the show has deep religious context - which I have ignored until now. It never really occurred to me that all of the bible references that are made, are in fact references from mythology that I actually enjoy. So this realization excited me - I can't wait to watch Lost from the beginning with this new understanding, but it also completely distracted me from the film that I was actually watching. Every time, I would force myself to focus on the film - I found myself drifting rather quickly, that can't be a good sign...right?

2. It was cheesy - ok...obviously if you watch the original film - it is pretty much cheese central. But this is 2010. They could have made a much more sophisticated (and awesome) film, but they chose to keep the campiness, the overacting, the bad costumes and the tacky special effects. If I wanted to re-live and 80's film, I would have simply just watched one. Why on earth would I want to see a new version of the exact same thing?

3. I will forgive Sam Worthington - He didn't really have a choice when being offered this role - of course he would accept it, but I hope this is his one and only bad film. However, this film is way below the standards of established talent (like Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes - what were you thinking??).

4. A sequel? Really? - That is the most absurd thing I have ever heard.

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